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Beko Stove/Oven Grill Heating Element_(1100+1100)W_230V
$45.00 + GST$51.75 GST Inclusive Beko Stove/Oven Grill Heating Element_(1100+1100)W_230V)
Part nr: 262900064 (also 00203324)
Suits Models:
CSM86300GW Product Code Description 7757787754 PS12*60ANK*MUL*AVUSTR*EUROM*TOUCH 7757787755 DS1_AVUST_90ANK_MULT+STA_INOX_EUR … Read More »
Stove Cooktop Element 1800W 180mm Diameter
$160.00 + GST$184.00 GST Inclusive Cooktop and stove top element suits mulitple brands
180 1800W 
Suits Models
Beko HIC64101 … Read More »
Beko Hotplate Stove/Oven 20000W _230V_
$144.00 + GST$165.60 GST Inclusive Hotplate Beko Stove/Oven Q180 20000W _230V_
Part nr: 162200012
Suits Model nr: CSM86300GW
Product Code Description 7737184317 BFC60EMW 7737184321 BFC60EMW1 7768686315 HIZE64101X BEKO 60CM SEALED PLATE HOB 7768687351 HIZE 64101 X*C+R+B*ANK. … Read More »
Beko Stove/Oven Hotplate Q145 1W
$114.00 + GST$131.10 GST Inclusive Hotplate Beko Stove/Oven Q145 1W
Part nr: 162200007
Suits Model : CSM86300GW … Read More »
Beko Oven Circular Fan Element
$80.00 + GST$92.00 GST Inclusive Beko Fan Element 
Power: 1800W, Voltage: 220-240V,
Length: 222mm, Width: 205mm, Flange: 70x22mm,
Holes wheelbase: 56mm, Connectors wheelbase: 24mm, Connector length: 53,5mm
Part nr: 262900074
Suits BEKO Models:
OIM22501, CSM86300 … Read More »
Showing 5 of 5 Products (Page 1 of 1)

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